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The MMM Advantage program was developed in response to a request from a friend trying to help another friend sell their luxury home. This program was developed by a 30 year Real Estate and Marketing professional. At its concept it used a direct marketing approach to get your property sold and it required a marketing fee from the seller. The now new and approved program has an even better targeted marketing campaign, a professional marketing team behind it and all of FWH Marketing fees are paid by one of our affiliated Realtors. Our services now come at no cost to the seller while the seller gets full benefit of this team and it results in the savings of tens of thousands of dollars in real estate commissions. Please read on and call us with any questions you may have. Our team looks forward to serving you and your family. This program provides more for less, it has three objectives and now it’s available to you.

  1. 1.    Get the property sold for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

    1. a.This requires the property to be priced right for your current local market.

    2. b.It also requires getting your property in front of the right people.

        2.     Have the right seasoned Real Estate Professional (Realtor) representing the seller and their property.

    1. a.This program was developed by a professional with over 30 years of experience in the sales and marketing of residential real estate.

    2. b.The program is run by a team of three real estate professionals that each has over 30 years of experience. See Staff for bios for F. William Hineline, H. Skip Robinson and Neal Petri.

         3.     To save the seller tens of thousands of dollars in Real Estate Commissions while still receiving all of the services that go along with a full service listing.

    1. a.This program works because of the special arrangement/agreement between the Seller, the Realtor and our Professional Marketing Team.

    2. b.This program has three unique differences from your standard listing agreement,

      1. i.The Listing Agent makes a little less commission

      2. ii. The Sales Agent (The Agent That Produces The Buyer) makes a little more commission.

      3. iii.The property has a Professional Marketing Team representing the property.

To explain how you save tens of thousands of dollars in real estate commissions you must first understand how commissions work. When you list your property there is the total commission. This commission has two sides to it the listing side which goes to the office which list and markets your property and the sale side which goes to the office which provides the buyer. Most of the time the total commission is split 50%/50% between the two sides. Current market research shows us that with properties in the $2,000,000 - $10,000,000 price range two out of three are being listed at 6%. This is done for a reason the agents with the buyers are going to show properties in which they will be earn a 3% commission before they show properties paying lower commissions. Realtors don’t get paid by the hour and even one half of one percent on a $2,000,000 sale is $10,000 in commission to the Realtor. That being said let me explain just how MMM Advantage saves you all this money,

Example: We will use a $2,000,000 property listed at 6% total commission. We know that with a standard agreement 3% or $60,000 of that goes to the listing side real estate office and 3% or $60,000 goes to the sale side real estate office. Now a few things happen with the MMM Advantage.

  1. The listing is taken by one of our affiliated Realtors at a reduced commission rate of only 5% saving you the Seller 1% or $20,000 in Real Estate Commission.

  2. Our affiliated Realtor handles your listing and gets your property on the market for only a 1.5%  list side commission.

  3. They then offer the sale side office a 3.5% commission for bringing you a buyer.

  4. FWH Professional Group handles the marketing of your property and exposes your property to Realtors, Buyers and Investors in the local, regional, national and international market place.

We think it is important so we would like to tell you the short story about the property this program was designed for and how that turned out.

The seller had a property he wanted to sell in the price range of $3,200,000. He had talked with a few Realtors all of which wanted the listing and offered to take the listing at 6%. This would break down to 3% commission to the sale side and 3% commission to the list side. FWH Professional Group offered to produce an extensive Multi Media Marketing Campaign promoting exclusively his property at the cost of $10,000 and in exchange we would have one of our affiliated Realtors handle his listing at 4.5% with 3% going to the sale side and just 1.5% going to the list side. As it turns out he went with a big name agency and a Realtor that said they had a buyer and they took the listing at 6%. As in most cases they really didn’t have a buyer and it sold in time by someone other than the listing agent herself. In the end the property sold for $3,100,000 and the seller paid a list side commission of 3% or $93,000. Had he went with what know is MMM Advantage, he would have paid 1.5% or $46,500 list side commission. He would have recovered his $10,000 marketing investment and saved an additional $36,500 in real estate commissions.

In the development of this program FWH Professional Group has reworked and developed an even better targeted marketing campaign. This resulted in lowering the cost by taking a few things out and we have added in a few new things not included in the original campaign. The most exciting change for sellers is, FWH Professional Group now funds your marketing campaign from within. As a part of our agreement with our affiliated Realtors, FWH’s services are now paid for by our affiliated Realtors at settlement. This takes away any out of pocket expense by the seller.

The MMM Advantage is just that. It was developed exclusively for sellers of Luxury properties valued at or over Two Million Dollars. It provides a Targeted Professionally Designed Marketing Campaign showcasing your property. This campaign exposes your property in the local, regional, national and international markets.

It is important that you know that FWH Professional Group provides marketing services for the Realtor and the Seller at a set price. Our Marketing Fees are not tied to the value of your property. However although this fee does not increase with the value of your property that amount you save in real estate commission does increase. Take a look at the chart below to see just how much you can save with this valuable program,

It has always amazed me how most Realtors even good Realtors will want top commissions yet not be willing to spend the money required to provide the likes of the marketing campaign provided by the MMM Advantage. The objective here is to get the property sold. Many times the marketing that Realtors do is to make you the seller happy while the buyer comes from a Buyer’s Agent within their own or other offices. Although the MMM Advantage does reach the general public it concentrates on positioning your home properly on the market and then exposes it to hundreds of thousands of Realtors in the locale, regional, national and international market place. These are the people that already have buyers looking for your property. Your campaign is on your property and only your property, so your property doesn’t get lost in thousands of other listing available in your market.

Your Professionally Designed Targeted Marketing Campaign

Includes but is not Limited to the Following,

  1. Direct marketing to over 40,000 licensed Realtors covering all of south Florida including Real Estate professionals in the following counties, Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, Collier and Lee.

  1. The creation of a personalized website which only features your property.  All of the efforts of your marketing campaign will direct Realtors and potential buyers to this website. 

  1. Social media will be used to drive traffic to the website. Our social media efforts includes an already in place reach to local, regional, national as well as international buyers and Real Estate Professionals.  Our direct contact numbers are already well over one million and growing.

    1. oA note worth mentioning. Realtors from outside the state of Florida that are representing buyers have a need to connect with a licensed Florida Realtor in order to be paid a referral commission.  FWH's affiliated Realtors will be offering an above average referral commission which will make your home stand out from the crowd.  Bonuses and higher commissions are both time tested ways to generate more activity for a listed property.

  2. FWH Professional Group will do extensive research to see what offices and Realtors have been handling most of the sales in your area in recent months. We will then personally reach out to them informing them about your property and inviting them to a special Realtors Only Open House Showing of your property.

  1. Now that you know all that we will be doing to get your property sold most of which most other realtors wouldn’t even begin to do. Let us assure you that we will also be doing what most of your past Realtors have done which is listing your home on the MLS.  This will make your home available to the over 7,000 licensed Real Estate professional serving Palm Beach County alone. Through feeds this will also get your home listed on Realtor.com and numerous other national and international websites that feed from the MLS listing service.

FWH Professional Group is Your Marketer.

Your Professional Marketing Team Collectively Offers Over 100 Years of

Experience in the Sale and Marketing of Residential Real Estate. 

Call Us Today With Any Questions You May Have

and To Put FWH Professional Group to Work for You  




MMM Advantage

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