FWH Professional Group


FWH Professional Group offers a number of consulting services for you today’s property sellers. Mainly One on One Consultation Sessions and two options for helping you to pick the right Realtor to get your home sold. Although these services are fee based there is an option which allows you to take full advantage of all of these services at no cost to you by the end of your transaction.

One on One Consultation

The goal of this consultation session is to educate you in the process, teach you what to expect, tricks and traps to look for and to look out for in your transaction. In this session (Up to 3 Hours) we will cover all but not limited to the following,

  1. Finding the right Realtor

  2. Listing Agreements

  3. Agreement of Sales

  4. Commissions

  5. Pricing your property for today’s market

  6. Having your home in show condition

  7. Why use an Attorney

  8. Looking at the transaction from both your and your Realtors point of view

  9. Tips on how to make your home stand out and get your home sold faster

  10. Why are we getting tons of showings and no offers?

We are professionals and as so we will give you our professional opinion and advice. You may not always like what you hear but it will be honest and to the point. Our only job and objective here is to help you get your property sold.

Having the wrong Realtor, not understanding today’s market or not having your home in show condition can all leave you home just sitting on the market for months if not years. Not understanding a listing agreement or sales agreement could cost you thousands of dollars. Knowledge is power, what you learn in this session will help protect you going forward.

Your session includes a question and answer period where we will answer any and all questions you may have. It also includes a copy of the book “Sellers Guide for Today’s Home Owner”, by our founder and President F, William Hineline which you will have to refer back to time and time again.

The cost of your session only $275


Consulting Services

If you are thinking of selling your home, what you don’t know could cost you thousands of dollars...